The exhibiton

Comments from the exhibiton: Cusp (Series 1)

“Thought provoking stuff, lovely textures…”

“Covers the spectrum from aesthetic/harmonious to faintly disturbing”

“Very beautiful, intense, intrigueing and disturbing, strange juxtapositions…”

“Amazingly intensive work…”

“Am left with the impression of something emerging… It’s memorable.”

“Put me in mind of O’Caledonia by Elspeth Barker with a bit of Macbeth for good measure”

“These are beautiful, deep and thought provoking…”

“They take me to a world so easily forgotten. Something easily missed in a busy life – where tiny details come alive and take you closer to the source.”

“Will take time to digest… would like to see them again”

“Very magical, love the whole thing…. witches poppets?”

“Like travelling somewhere else”

“Creepy creatures with a sense of humour. Fires curiosity…”